Friday, January 24, 2014

Welcome to 2014

Well time flies... people get busy and forget they have a blog. In a wink of an eye almost two years have passed since we last posted something here.  Our bad.

Michael keeps working on video. Wedding videography has dwindled down while documentaries have picked up.  In the past few months he has done one right after the other. He had a chance to go to north Texas to interview a researcher in order to produce two documentaries.  One is in the can, the other one is 98% finished, the last few touches and the trailer to go. 

Edith is still at the publishing/training company. They have kept her busy with training out of town, which is good and bad. She gets to visit different cities and visit a little bit after teaching. She is gone a lot and in some seasons it seems that she lives off a suitcase. 

Hobby wise, we also keep busy.  Edith picked up crocheting (and knitting)  again, after a couple decades pause. She has done lots of scarves, most of them given away as presents. She has also made baby blankets, one  for a friend's granddaughter and one for a nephew's daughter.   She gets together with  other fellow fiber lovers once a month.  Those knit-wits have lots of fun at the meetings. 

Michael has been interested in Native American flutes for years, last February he bought a flute and the rest is history. He now has a collection!  He watched videos, talked to other flute players and practiced, practiced, practiced and practiced some more. He did a presentation at our church's children's camp. The kids were mesmerized. When John Sarantos did a concert in the area, he asked Michael to join him on stage.  They improvised and jammed and we were all delighted of the result. 

I guess this is all for now, more to come soon
(and we promise it won't take a couple of years). 

Happy 2014

E :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Edith on TV

Edith was featured on a Jonesboro, AR TV station while teaching a class. Here is the video:

Link to video, click here.